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Creator Name
William Weltman
Issue Cover Date
story 9563 The Black Stairway 4pg art
pencils attributed
Private Eye 8 March 1952
  story A-586 The Secret 5pg art
pencils guess
Suspense 21 August 1952
C-577 Werewolf By Night! Story Image
story C-577 Werewolf By Night! 5pg art
pencils guess
Marvel Tales 116 July 1953
  story D-758 Man Without Guns 5pg art
pencils guess
Wild Western 33 April 1954
  story E-169 Worse Than Death! 4pg art
pencils guess
Spellbound 22 May 1954
  story E-500 Where Monsters Prowl 5pg art
pencils guess
Marvel Tales 125 July 1954
  story J-309 The Man Who Was Nowhere! 4pg art
pencils attributed
Mystery Tales 42 June 1956
  story J-995 A Man With A Grudge 4pg art
pencils attributed
Western Gunfighters 21 August 1956
story Footsteps in the Dark 4pg art
pencils guess
Yellow Claw 2 December 1956
  story K-641 He Won't Open the Door 4pg art
pencils guess
Spellbound 31 December 1956
  story L-883 I Went Inside the Hidden World! 4pg art
pencils and inks signed
Strange Stories of Suspense 15 June 1957