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Creator Name
Rocco Mastroserio
Swipe for more
Issue Cover Date
  story 7751 The Sacrifice 7pg art
pencils guess
Western Outlaws & Sheriffs 65 February 1951
  story 8175 The Iron Bars 4pg art
inks guess
Crime Must Lose! 7 June 1951
  story 8330 Solitary Confinement! 4pg art
pencils guess
Crime Cases Comics 6 July 1951
  story 8262 Switch-Artist 6pg art
inks attributed
Justice 22 July 1951
  story 8409 The Most Heartless Crime 7pg art
inks guess
Crime Must Lose! 8 August 1951
  story 8506 The King Of The Cutthroats 5pg art
inks attributed
Justice 23 September 1951
  story 8537 Too Many Murders 6pg art
inks unsigned
Suspense 10 September 1951
  story 8804 With Intent to Kill! 5pg art
pencils signed
Young Men 11 October 1951
  story 9823 Prisoner of War 4pg art
inks guess
Kent Blake of the Secret Service 7 May 1952