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Hubert Paley
Unknown. Dick Giordano told me there was a guy in the industry named Hugh Paley at that time but it's unknown if it's him. ALTER EGO #28 (The Maneely issue) has a home-made congratulations card on page 48 given to Joe upon the birth of his youngest daughter, Nancy. One of the signatures on there "appears" to be a June or Jill Paley. It's not that clear. I blew up the signature and it's either June or Jill. Could June (or Jill) have been a woman who wrote romance scripts? All the signatures are of staff personel, no seeming freelancers. One signature is "Vince" which "may" be Colletta. The art seems the same with and without Paley. It's likely a writer. Maybe. Doc V.
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Issue Cover Date
  story H-837 Someone To Cling To! 5pg art
inks signed
True Tales of Love 22 April 1956
  story L-176 At First Sight! 5pg art
inks guess
Lovers 83 February 1957
  story M-151 Too Late! 5pg art
inks signed
Love Tales 74 July 1957
  story M-776 Good-bye, My Love! 5pg art
inks signed
Love Romances 71 September 1957