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Abe Simon
Abe Simon was a letterer for STANDARD who wanted to be an inker. Don Perlin happened to be looking for an inker and hooked up with him in the early 1950's. They worked together until 1953 when Perlin was drafted into the army and they never worked together again. Simon also inked for COMIC MEDIA, HARVEY and ST JOHN in the early and mid 1950's. Doc V
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Issue Cover Date
  story A-691? A Sight For Sore Eyes 4pg art
inks unsigned
Marvel Tales 109 October 1952
  story A-873 The Tin Cup 5pg art
inks attributed
Uncanny Tales 3 October 1952
  story B-62 The Hands Of Death 5pg art
inks signed
Adventures Into Terror 13 December 1952
  story B-355? I Died Tommorrow 5pg art
inks signed
Adventures Into Weird Worlds 13 December 1952
story B-198 A Coffin For Carlos 5pg art
inks signed
Marvel Tales 110 December 1952