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Creator Name
Al Gordon
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Issue Cover Date
  story E-35 Keep Out 5pg art
pencils signed
Marvel Tales 122 April 1954
  story E-142 5pg art
pencils signed
Two-Gun Kid 14 June 1954
  story E-322 5pg art
pencils signed
Kid Colt Outlaw 38 June 1954
  story E-122 5pg art
pencils signed
Wild Western 34 June 1954
story E-758 Darkness! 6pg art
pencils signed
Battlefront 22 August 1954
E-619 Redman's Revenge Story Image
story E-619 Redman's Revenge 5pg art
pencils and inks signed
Western Outlaws 4 August 1954
  story 9516 Higher Target 2pg text
pencils attributed
Wild Western 35 August 1954
  story E-836 The Man Who Shot Jesse James 2pg art
pencils and inks signed
World's Greatest Songs 1 September 1954
  story 9732 Claim Jumpers 2pg text
pencils and inks signed
The Outlaw Kid 1 September 1954
  story E-856 South Of Kot'ri! 5pg art
pencils signed
Battle Action 13 October 1954
story L-175 Man on the Run! 4pg art
pencils guess
Caught 4 February 1957