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Creator Name
Les Zakarin
Swipe for more
Issue Cover Date
  story 8049 Ace Renard - King Of The Bookies 7pg art
inks signed
All True Crime Cases Comics 44 May 1951
  story 8208 Gateway To Danger 5pg art
inks signed
Spy Cases 5 June 1951
  story 8176 'Doc' Holliday The Killer Who Searched for Death! 4pg art
inks signed
Two Gun Western 8 June 1951
  story 8382 He Pounded a Beat 6pg art
inks signed
Crime Exposed (2nd - Dec 50) 5 August 1951
story 8579 Deadly Deception! 5pg art
inks signed
Crime Cases Comics 7 September 1951
  story 8451 The Man Who Never Was 6pg art
inks signed
Strange Tales 3 October 1951
  story E-72 Men from the Morgue 4pg art
pencils signed
Spellbound 21 April 1954