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Creator Name
Morris Marcus
Swipe for more
Issue Cover Date
  story 8262 Switch-Artist 6pg art
pencils guess
Justice 22 July 1951
  story 7628 The Egg! 7pg art
pencils attributed
Strange Tales 2 August 1951
  story 8409 The Most Heartless Crime 7pg art
pencils guess
Crime Must Lose! 8 August 1951
  story 8506 The King Of The Cutthroats 5pg art
pencils attributed
Justice 23 September 1951
  story 8764 The Motive Of Lew Maxim! 2pg art
pencils guess
Private Eye 5 September 1951
  story 8537 Too Many Murders 6pg art
pencils attributed
Suspense 10 September 1951
  story 9107 Code of The Killers 4pg art
pencils guess
Texas Kid 7 January 1952
story 9377 Final Mission 6pg art
pencils guess
War Comics 8 February 1952
story B-400 Knifed 5pg art
inks guess
War Comics 14 December 1952