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Creator Name
Roy Krenkel
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Issue Cover Date
  story G-580 The Tin Star 6pg art
inks signed
Western Outlaws 11 October 1955
  story H-890 The City that Time Forgot! 3pg art
inks attributed
Marvel Tales 144 March 1956
  story H-436 The Mob! 4pg art
inks attributed
Billy Buckskin 3 March 1956
  story J-934 Menace from the Stars! 4pg art
inks unsigned
Mystery Tales 44 August 1956
  story K-367 The Fake 4pg art
inks unsigned
Mystery Tales 46 October 1956
  story K-820 They Took Me Away! 4pg art
inks attributed
Mystery Tales 48 December 1956
  story K-720 What Stanley Saw! 4pg art
pencils and inks unsigned
Strange Tales 53 December 1956
story T-244 I Was The Changing Man! 4pg art
inks unsigned
Strange Worlds 4 June 1959
story T-275 Beware Of The Robots! pg art
inks unsigned
Tales of Suspense 4 July 1959
  story T-362 My Other Face! 4pg art
inks attributed
Journey Into Mystery 54 September 1959
  story T-334 I Found the Nightmare Note 4pg art
inks attributed
Tales to Astonish 5 September 1959