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Creator Name
Bill Molno
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Issue Cover Date
  story 8497 The World Below 5pg art
pencils guess
Journey Into Unknown Worlds 6 August 1951
  story 8552 Run, Killer, Run 6pg art
pencils attributed
Justice 23 September 1951
  story 8806 The Man Who Never Forgot 4pg art
pencils guess
Crime Must Lose! 9 October 1951
  story 8802 The Revenge of Cody Wilson 4pg art
pencils guess
The Gunhawk 17 October 1951
  story 9375 The Frozen Stiff 6pg art
pencils guess
Crime Exposed (2nd - Dec 50) 9 February 1952
  story 9882 Horse Whipped 2pg art
pencils guess
Wild Western 22 June 1952
  story 9564 The Secret of the Cave 4pg art
pencils guess
Wild Western 25 December 1952