Amazing Comics 1

Title Published
Fall 1944 to Fall 1944
Issue Numbers
Number of Issues
Continued Into
Complete Comics
Issue Information
Cover Date
Fall 1944
Indicia Publisher
Euclid Publishing Company, INC.
Cover Credits
Alex Schomburg pencils attributed
Michaël Dewally: Cover Image
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Title Pages Credits
Horror of the Murdering Magician!
8 pg art
Chapter II: The Tortue Trap!
6 pg art
Chapter III: Mass Murder by Magic!
6 pg art
Teen-Age Girls!!!

Notes: Miss America Magazine Contest!!
1 pg house ad
The Mad Minute
·The Whizzer starring
7 pg art
The Swastika Murder Case!
·Mike Trapp starring

Feature: Let's Play Detective
2 pg art
The Face .. Master of Evil!
·The Destroyer starring
7 pg art
An Important Message to the Boys and Girls of America!

Notes: War Bonds ad.
1 pg public service
Life Raft
2 pg text
The Voice of Doom!
·Sergeant Dix starring
7 pg art