Molly Manton's Romances 1

Title Published
September 1949 to September 1949
Issue Numbers
Number of Issues
Title Notes
Numbering continued as Blaze the Wonder Collie (2-3) and Romances of Molly Manton (2).
Issue Information
Cover Date
September 1949
Cover Titles
I Dare Not Marry!
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
Too Many Loves!
·Molly Manton starring

Notes: I have never heard of Molly but here is verbatim on the first page" "Only Molly Manton, America's Best-Loved Personality Could Bring You These Heat-Warming Tales From Her Own True Experiences".
Told by Molly Manton who happens to run Molly's Boarding House with lots of interesting people coming through the doors.
18 pg art
Glamour Vs. Love
3 pg text

Notes: Ad for Love Tales.
1 pg house ad
I Dared Not Marry!
·Molly Manton starring

Notes: Told by Molly Manton.
8 pg art
Molly Manton Says:

Notes: Letters to Molly asking for romantic advice.
2 pg letters page

Notes: Ad for Love Romances.
1 pg house ad
The Love of Lalai!

Notes: Told by a Captain Harris. Of course it takes place on an exotic island, Matihtia - the flower of the Pacific.
9 pg art