Molly Manton's Romances 1

Title Published
September 1949 to September 1949
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Title Notes
Numbering continued as Blaze the Wonder Collie (2-3) and Romances of Molly Manton (2).
Molly Manton's Romances 1 Cover Image
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Cover Date
September 1949
Cover Titles
I Dare Not Marry!
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Title Pages Credits
  5380 Too Many Loves!
·Molly Manton starring

Notes: I have never heard of Molly but here is verbatim on the first page" "Only Molly Manton, America's Best-Loved Personality Could Bring You These Heat-Warming Tales From Her Own True Experiences".
Told by Molly Manton who happens to run Molly's Boarding House with lots of interesting people coming through the doors.
18 pg art
  - Glamour Vs. Love 3 pg text
  - -

Notes: Ad for Love Tales.
1 pg house ad
  5526 I Dared Not Marry!
·Molly Manton starring

Notes: Told by Molly Manton.
8 pg art
  - Molly Manton Says:

Notes: Letters to Molly asking for romantic advice.
2 pg letters page
  - -

Notes: Ad for Love Romances.
1 pg house ad
  5841 The Love of Lalai!

Notes: Told by a Captain Harris. Of course it takes place on an exotic island, Matihtia - the flower of the Pacific.
9 pg art