Gunslingers 1

Title Published
February 2000 to February 2000
Issue Numbers
Number of Issues
Issue Information
Cover Date
February 2000
Indicia Publisher
Marvel Comics
Cover Credits
John Buscema pencils attributed

Title Pages Credits
  X-207 Trapped by Grizzly Grogan!
·Two-Gun Kid starring

Notes: Reprinted from Two-Gun Kid #64 (July 1963).
13 pg art
  V-174 Beware!! The Terrible Totem!!
·The Rawhide Kid starring

Reprinted From: Rawhide Kid 22
19 pg art
  V-452 The Eyes of Orville Jones!
·Kid Colt starring

Reprinted From: Kid Colt Outlaw 102
5 pg art
  V-921 I Hate the Two-Gun Kid!
·Two-Gun Kid starring

Notes: Reprinted from Two-Gun Kid #60 (November 1962).
5 pg art
  - The Devil's Starry Anvil!
·Caleb Hammer starring

Notes: Reprinted from Marvel Premiere #54 (June 1980)
17 pg art