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Little Vinegar

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Issue Cover Date
  story SL-1 6pg art Joker Comics 22 April 1946
  story SL-88 7pg art Joker Comics 23 June 1946
  cover Joker Comics 24 August 1946
  story SL-360 To the Opera 8pg art Joker Comics 24 August 1946
  story 1pg art Patsy Walker 9 February 1947
  story SL-1254 What Not To Do at the Zoo! 7pg art Rusty Comics 12 April 1947
  story SL-862 No More Will He Go to the Shore! 8pg art Joker Comics 27 May 1947
  story SL-1252 The Tale of a Sail! 6pg art Rusty Comics 13 June 1947
  story Trains on the Brains! 10pg art Gay Comics (2nd - Fall 44) 29 November 1947