Rusty Comics 12

Title Published
April 1947 to September 1949
Issue Numbers
12 to 20
Number of Issues
Continued From
Kid Movie Komics
Continued Into
Rusty and Her Family
Issue Information
Cover Date
April 1947
Indicia Publisher
Fantasy Comics, Inc.
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  SL-1285 Getting Sick-nic on a Picnic!
·Rusty starring
7 pg art
  SL-1311 The Well-Behaved Brat!
·Rusty starring
7 pg art
  SL-1254 What Not To Do at the Zoo!
·Little Vinegar starring
7 pg art
  - City Kid 2 pg text
  - Hey, Chicks!

Notes: Junior Miss ad.
1 pg house ad
  SL-1310 These Days Who Knows If It Pays to Pose!
·Rusty starring
8 pg art
  SL-1286 Seeing Stars!
·Mitzi starring
7 pg art
  - Get Hep to Miss America Teen-Life 1 pg house ad
  SL-1375 Tragic Magic!
·Rusty starring
8 pg art