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Ruffy Ropes

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Issue Cover Date
  story SL-22 8pg art Joker Comics 22 April 1946
  story SL-82 8pg art Joker Comics 23 June 1946
  cover Joker Comics 24 August 1946
  story SL-266 8pg art Joker Comics 24 August 1946
  story SL-700 Foiling the Foul Fouler! 8pg art Margie Comics 35 Winter 1946
  story SL-743 Gabby's Client Fights a Giant! 8pg art Joker Comics 27 May 1947
  story SL-633 Ruffy's Twin Trouble! pg art Nellie the Nurse 7 June 1947
  story SL-593 Oh those Eyes! 8pg art Margie Comics 37 August 1947
  story Versus the Iron Man! 8pg art Nellie the Nurse 8 August 1947
  story SL-837 Getting Gabby's Goat! 8pg art Margie Comics 38 October 1947