Margie Comics 35

Title Published
Winter 1946 to December 1949
Issue Numbers
35 to 49
Number of Issues
Continued From
Comedy Comics
Continued Into
Reno Browne, Hollywood's Greatest Cowgal
Issue Information
Cover Date
Winter 1946
Cover Credits
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Michaël Dewally: Cover Image
Title Pages Credits
  SL-1262 The Fickle Female's Football Frolics!
·Margie starring
5 pg art
  SL-867 Blueprint Blues!
·Margie starring
7 pg art
  SL-700 Foiling the Foul Fouler!
·Ruffy Ropes starring
8 pg art
  - Her Big Date!
·Janie starring
1 pg art
  SL-868 A Peach of a Speech!
·Margie starring
7 pg art
  SL-1191 The Upset! 2 pg text
  SL-605 Hectic Havoc at the Hotel!
·Peggy Brooks starring
7 pg art
  SL-925 Margie's Merry Men!
·Margie starring
8 pg art