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Creator Name
Alex Toth
Date of Birth
June 25, 1928
Date of Passing
May 27, 2006
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Issue Cover Date
  story F-681 Something Borrowed, Something Blue... 6pg art
pencils signed
Love Romances 49 May 1955
  story F-793 I Do... 6pg art
pencils attributed
Lovers 67 May 1955
  story G-694 Working Girl's Romance! 6pg art
pencils signed
Love Romances 53 November 1955
  story K-620 'Til We Meet Again 5pg art
pencils signed
My Own Romance 55 January 1957
story L-100 His Back To The Wall! 7pg art
pencils and inks signed
Western Gunfighters 24 February 1957
  story L-305 More Than A Wife 4pg art
pencils attributed
My Love Story 7 April 1957