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Ben Brown
Was a partner of Dave Gantz, a long time Timely artist of the 1940's and childhood friend of Al Jaffee. Brown's name wasn't even really Ben Brown. It's a pseudonym and I have the name somewhere, Gantz told it to me but I can't remember it. In the Brown and Gantz stories, Gantz layed the stories out, Brown pencilled and then Gantz inked. The worrked for Atlas and Toby, possibly others. The PURPLE CLAW was B&G at Toby. BEANBAGS was a very early creator-owned feature they did in 1951.
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Issue Cover Date
  cover A Kid Named Shorty!
The Battle Cry!
The Treachery of Mr. McGoey!
The Champ!

inks guess
Young Men 4 June 1950
  story A-450 Too Much Moonlight 6pg art
pencils signed
Love Tales 56 June 1952
  story A-613 Somewhere Death Awaits 5pg art
pencils attributed
Adventures Into Weird Worlds 8 July 1952
  story A-706 The Black Gloves 5pg art
pencils signed
Mystic 11 August 1952
  story A-508 Ed's Young Wife! 3pg art
pencils signed
Adventures Into Terror 11 August 1952
  story A-620 Alone 4pg art
pencils attributed
Adventures Into Weird Worlds 9 August 1952
story A-464 Thru the Door 4pg art
pencils signed
Journey Into Mystery 2 August 1952
  story A-879 Too Young For Love 5pg art
pencils signed
Girl Confessions 17 August 1952
  story A-843 The Dope Eloped! 5pg art
pencils signed
Spellbound 7 September 1952
  story A-809 Plain Girl 6pg art
pencils signed
Actual Confessions 13 October 1952
  story A-906 No Man of My Own! 5pg art
pencils signed
Lovers 42 October 1952
  story A-765 Rub Out 5pg art
pencils signed
Justice 30 October 1952
  story B-71 Checkmate 5pg art
pencils and inks guess
Mystic 13 October 1952
  story A-854 A Woman's Prerogative 5pg art
pencils signed
Lovers 43 November 1952
  story B-739 Hunger 4pg art
pencils signed
Mystery Tales 9 March 1953
  story B-846 Love Note! 6pg art
pencils signed
Girl Confessions 24 March 1953
  story A-743 The Crook They Couldn't Catch! 5pg art
pencils signed
Justice 37 May 1953
story G-796 The Hole in the Ground! 4pg art
pencils and inks unsigned
Journey Into Mystery 28 November 1955
  story G-605 King Cobra! 6pg art
inks attributed
Rawhide Kid 5 November 1955