Love Tales 56

Title Published
May 1949 to September 1957
Issue Numbers
36 to 75
Number of Issues
Continued From
The Human Torch
Love Tales 56 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
June 1952
Cover Titles
Too Much Moonlight?
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  A-291 The Easy Way 6 pg art Morris Weiss pencils signed
  A-451 I Take This Man! 5 pg art Jim Mooney pencils guess
Bernie Sachs inks unsigned

Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit
  A-202 Quiet Evening At Home 2 pg text
  A-450 Too Much Moonlight

Notes: Gantz breakdowns, Brown pencils and then Gantz inks. - Doc V.
6 pg art Ben Brown pencils signed
David Gantz inks signed
  A-433 Too Young 6 pg art George Klein pencils attributed
George Klein inks attributed