Love Tales 49

Title Published
May 1949 to September 1957
Issue Numbers
36 to 75
Number of Issues
Continued From
The Human Torch
Love Tales 49 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
November 1951
Cover Titles
Hands Off My Heart!
Faithful Forever!
I Laughed At Romance!
Cover Credits
Christopher Rule pencils guess
Nick Caputo: Cover Creator Credit
Title Pages Credits
  8910 My Tinfoil Heart 5 pg art Morris Weiss pencils signed
  6824 Love Conquers Middletown 2 pg text
  8868 Hands Off My Heart! 6 pg art Warren Broderick pencils signed
  8801 I Laughed at Romance 5 pg art
  8936 Faithful Forever! 3 pg art Paul Cooper pencils signed
  8864 Love Finds a Way! 4 pg art