Love Tales 46

Title Published
May 1949 to September 1957
Issue Numbers
36 to 75
Number of Issues
Continued From
The Human Torch
Issue Information
Cover Date
May 1951
Cover Titles
Ticket To Heartbreak!
Too Pretty For Love?
The Impersonation of Susan Winters!
Can Love Endure?
Cover Credits
Mike Sekowsky pencils attributed
Title Pages Credits
  7065 Ticket To Heartbreak! 6 pg art
  6612 The Impersonation Of Susan Winters!

Notes: We all know that Stan Lee liked to use certain names over and over. Parker, Storm, etc. Susan Winters is a nice counterpart to Susan Summers. But there's one flaw in that theory - Stan Lee didn't write most of those stories. Did he do some of the names himself? - Ger A.
5 pg art
  7226 Love Comes Quietly 2 pg text
  - Statement of the Ownership, Management, Circulation

Notes: For 1 Oct 1950. Stan Lee, Editor; Martin Goodman, Managing Editor; Robert Solomon, Business Manager.
- pg art
Tom Lammers: Story Information
  6706 Can Love Endure?

Notes: Looks as if a lot of hands were involved. The (Sekowsky?) splash especially looks added on. - Ger A.
6 pg art
  6920 Too Pretty? 5 pg art