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Creator Name
Joe Kubert
Date of Birth
September 18, 1926
Date of Passing
August 12, 2012
Born September 18, 1926 in Yzeran, Poland.
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Issue Cover Date
  story 5520 The Man I Couldn't Love! 7pg art
inks attributed
Best Love 33 August 1949
  story 5736 A Heart Divided! 7pg art
pencils guess
Love Romances 8 September 1949
  story 5642 My Room-mate's Romances! 7pg art
inks attributed
Lovers 25 September 1949
  story 6605 Blind Date! 8pg art
inks attributed
Girl Comics 2 January 1950
  story 6316 I Was Ashamed of my Forbidden Kisses! 7pg art
inks guess
My Love 3 January 1950
  story 6377 My Kisses Were Cheap! 7pg art
inks attributed
Our Love 2 January 1950
  story 6432 Anguish 9pg art
inks attributed
Loveland 2 February 1950
  story 5714 Blind Love! 9pg art
pencils attributed
Lovers 30 November 1950
  story E-35 Keep Out 5pg art
inks unsigned
Marvel Tales 122 April 1954
  story E-322 5pg art
pencils and inks unsigned
Kid Colt Outlaw 38 June 1954
  story E-142 5pg art
pencils and inks unsigned
Two-Gun Kid 14 June 1954
  story E-122 5pg art
inks attributed
Wild Western 34 June 1954
  story 9516 Higher Target 2pg text
inks guess
Wild Western 35 August 1954
  story B-665 The Trap 2pg text
pencils and inks attributed
The Outlaw Kid 2 November 1954
  story F-337 The Hog! 4pg art
pencils and inks unsigned
Journey Into Mystery 21 January 1955
  story F-561 The Vanishing Lady 5pg art
pencils and inks unsigned
Uncanny Tales 28 January 1955
  story F-425 S-2 Strikes 6pg art
pencils attributed
Battle 37 February 1955
  story F-596 The Man Who Vanished! 5pg art
pencils and inks unsigned
Journey Into Unknown Worlds 34 April 1955
story F-735 Pony Express 5pg art
pencils guess
Apache Kid 13 April 1955
  story F-875 The Strange Ones 4pg art
pencils signed
Marvel Tales 134 May 1955
  story F-943 Man With a Gun 5pg art
pencils signed
Kid Colt Outlaw 48 May 1955
  story F-973 To Catch a Thief 6pg art
pencils signed
Western Outlaws 9 June 1955
  story F-1000 Captured by the Reds! 6pg art
pencils signed
Battle 41 July 1955
  story G-150 Counter-Attack! 6pg art
pencils signed
Marines in Battle 7 August 1955
  story G-446 Marine Raid on Munda 6pg art
pencils unsigned
Marines in Battle 8 October 1955
  story G-303 Capt. Kirk of the Infantry 6pg art
pencils signed
War Comics 38 November 1955