Loveland 2

Title Published
November 1949 to February 1950
Issue Numbers
1 to 2
Number of Issues
Loveland 2 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
February 1950
Cover Titles
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  6403 Was I Too Plain for Love 8 pg art
  - What Should I Do? 2 pg letters page Bill Everett pencils guess
  - Forgive Me! 7 pg art Ken Bald pencils guess
  6365 Romance Goes Camping 2 pg text
  6778 Pitfall! 6 pg art
  6771 Fall Gal! 7 pg art Bob Powell pencils attributed
  6432 Anguish

Notes: Looks like Hy Rosen with some Joe Kubert thrown in. This may be one of the stories Kubert confirmed for me as having a hand in. - Doc V.
9 pg art Hy Rosen pencils attributed
Joe Kubert inks attributed