Jeanie Comics 26

Title Published
April 1947 to October 1949
Issue Numbers
13 to 27
Number of Issues
Continued From
All Surprise
Continued Into
Cowgirl Romances
Jeanie Comics 26 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
July 1949
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  5198 The Fugitives!
·Jeanie starring
8 pg art
  - Letter to our readers and their parents. 1 pg editorial
  5157 Pop at the Pool!
·Jeanie starring
7 pg art
  4432 The Nickel Nuisance!
·Margie starring
7 pg art
  SL-8508 Color Sense 2 pg text
  5080 Stopping the Shopping!
·Jeanie starring
4 pg art
  5182 It's Pop Who Pays!
·Cindy starring
7 pg art
  5115 The Furniture Fuss!
·Jeanie starring
6 pg art