Joker Comics 38

Title Published
April 1942 to August 1950
Issue Numbers
1 to 42
Number of Issues
Continued Into
Adventures Into Terror
Issue Information
Cover Date
July 1949
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  5360 A Matter of Money!
·Millie the Model starring
7 pg art
  5481 -
·Hank starring
·Lank starring
1 pg art
  - A Letter to Our Readers and Their Parents! 1 pg editorial
  5199 Her Rugged Romance!
·Hedy De Vine starring
7 pg art
  1821 Learn It Well 2 pg text
  5361 Sleep Is Cheap!
·Millie the Model starring
4 pg art
  5023 Drat that Hat!
·Tessie the Typist starring
6 pg art