Junior Miss (2nd - Apr 47) 29

Title Published
April 1947 to August 1950
Issue Numbers
24 to 39
Number of Issues
Junior Miss  29 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
Spring 1948
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
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Notes: Stan Lee - Editor-Director of Art, Alan Sulman Ruth Corgan - Editorial Associates, Gary Keller - Production Associate.
1 pg contents
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Notes: Ad for Miss America - Junior Miss' sister magazine.
- pg house ad
  - Whiz Quiz - pg art
  2221 Hubba Hubba History!
·Cindy starring
7 pg art
  - Advice to Junior Miss Readers for BAD SKIN... 1 pg article
  - First Love 4 pg illustrated story Rosalie F. Wilson script signed

Banks Robinson: Creator Credit
  2242 Who's the Good Skate!
·Cindy starring
5 pg art
  - Lucky Penny 5 pg illustrated story
  - Nina's Date 5 pg illustrated story Regina Korova script signed

Banks Robinson: Creator Credit
  2286 Learning About Love!
·Cindy starring
8 pg art
  - Paid in Full! 5 pg illustrated story Ann Lee script signed

Banks Robinson: Creator Credit