Marines in Battle 20

Title Published
August 1954 to September 1958
Issue Numbers
1 to 25
Number of Issues
Marines in Battle 20 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
November 1957
Sighted Date Stamp
Indicia Frequency
Indicia Publisher
Warwick Publications, Inc.
Cover Titles
And One Was Left Behind!
Cover Credits
Carl Burgos pencils and inks attributed
Nick Caputo: Cover Creator Credit
Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Cover Creator Credit
Title Pages Credits
  M-862 And One Was Left Behind!

Notes: The Korean War. When nine marines are sent to blow up a North Korean Ammo Dump one marine (the lantern-jawed Jocko) is left behind and taken captive by the communist North Koreans. He learns from his captors that the dump that he and his fellow marines had destroyed was merely a decoy and they then taunt him by showing him the real ammo dump, which is hidden in a cave. Unknown to the North Koreans, Jocko's fellow marines having been watching all of this through binoculars and now are able to zero in on the real ammo dump. - Joe Moore

Single panel splash page by Colan.
5 pg art Gene Colan pencils and inks unsigned

Joe Moore: Creator Credit
Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit
  G-969 Fighting for Liberty 2 pg text Doug Wildey pencils guess

Joe Moore: Creator Credit
  M-897 Night Attack

Notes: The Korean War. North Korean communist soldiers stage a small night attack and blow up a U.S. marine corp. ammo dump. Encouraged by this success the North Korean captain sends out additional small attack groups every night during the next week and each finds continued success. Emboldened by these successes the captain orders a large night attack only to find that he has been lured into a trap by the marines. - Joe Moore.
5 pg art Syd Shores pencils attributed

Joe Moore: Creator Credit
  M-886 Pillbox!

Notes: World War II-the Pacific theatre. The island hopping U.S. marines find themselves stymied on one atoll by a near impregnable Japanese pillbox, which they need to eliminate before Japanese reinforcements can arrive. Mortars and rocket launchers fail and individuals are unable to get through the withering fire in order to drop a demo in the pillbox. Then one of the marines, Congo, decides to send his pet monkey, Semper Fi, in through the barrage. - Joe Moore.
5 pg art Dick Ayers pencils signed
Ernie Bache inks guess

Joe Moore: Creator Credit
Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit
  M-887 The War Nobody Wanted to Fight!

Notes: Factual account of the Battle of Fort Sumter in Apr 1861.

After the Union's Fort Sumter is attacked by Confederate troops at the outset of the American Civil War (April 12, 1961) the U.S. Marines stage a retaliatory attack against a Confederate battery in the Mississippi delta. - Joe Moore

One of the weakest Tuska art jobs from this period that I have seen. It looks very rushed and uninspired, Nearly a third of the panels are silhouettes or near silhouettes. - Joe Moore

Feature: The History of the U.S. Marine Corps
3 pg art George Tuska pencils unsigned
Vince Colletta inks guess

Joe Moore: Creator Credit
Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit
Tom Lammers: Story Information
  M-835 Cornered by Commies!
·"Iron Mike" McGraw starring

Notes: The Korean War. "Iron Mike" and his pal Gunny are cornered in the middle of a rope suspension bridge by two forces of North Koreans on either side. The bridge is cut and the two marines fall onto a ledge below. After climbing down and evading more "Reds" the marines commandeer a truck that they don't know is loaded with valuable instruments meant for the North Korean's special rocket. They ditch the truck which, unknown to the fleeing gyrines, plows into and blows up the rocket, completely destroying any hopes that the North Koreans had for victory with it. Meanwhile, not knowing any of what has just transpired, the dejected duo of leathernecks lament that they "accomplished nothing" and that the day was "completely wasted." - Joe Moore.
5 pg art Joe Sinnott pencils and inks signed

Joe Moore: Creator Credit
Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.: Creator Credit