Apache Kid 6

Title Published
December 1950 to April 1956
Issue Numbers
53 to 19
Number of Issues
Continued From
Reno Browne, Hollywood's Greatest Cowgal
Continued Into
Western Gunfighters
Apache Kid 6 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
June 1951
Indicia Frequency
Indicia Publisher
Medalion Publishing Corp.
Cover Titles
War Drums on Red River!
The Trail of the Coyote
Cover Credits
Werner Roth pencils attributed
Title Pages Credits
8141 War Drums on the Red River!
·The Apache Kid starring
8 pg art
8214 The Trail of the Coyote!
·The Apache Kid starring
5 pg art
  8229 Tie Your Sixgun Low 2 pg text
5109 The Pony Express

Feature: Scrapbook of the West
1 pg art
8196 The Kid Who Downed the Killer King!
·Kid Barrat starring
3 pg art
6041 Kit Carson

Feature: Scrapbook of the West
1 pg art
8124 The Flaming Frontier!
·The Apache Kid starring
6 pg art Werner Roth pencils 

Ger Apeldoorn: Creator Credit