Official True Crime Cases 24

Title Published
Fall 1947 to Winter 1947
Issue Numbers
24 to 25
Number of Issues
Continued From
Sub-Mariner Comics
Continued Into
All True Crime Cases Comics
Issue Information
Cover Date
Fall 1947
Cover Titles
The Grinning Killer!
Cover Credits
Syd Shores pencils attributed
John Benson: Cover Image
Title Pages Credits
  R-533 Trapping the Bank Butchers! 10 pg art Unknown pencils
  R-535 Masked for Murder!

Notes: Signed 3rd to last panel on page 9.
8 pg art Carl Burgos pencils signed
  R-541 The Man Who Winked at Death!

Notes: He sneaked his name on the splash onto the beer bottle as "Becker Beer"! - Doc V.
6 pg art Mike Becker pencils signed
  - Wanted by the F.B.I. 1 pg public service
  1424 City Slicker 2 pg text
  R-540 The Case of the Grinning Killer! 8 pg art Allen Bellman pencils attributed
  R-538 Terror of the Unholy Three! 12 pg art Unknown pencils