Willie Comics 7

Title Published
Fall 1946 to May 1949
Issue Numbers
5 to 19
Number of Issues
Continued From
Ideal Comics
Continued Into
Li'l Willie Comics
Issue Information
Cover Date
April 1947
Cover Credits
Mike Sekowsky pencils attributed
Joe Giella inks attributed
Title Pages Credits
  - -

Notes: Credits: Stan Lee, Managing Editor & Director of Art; Jim Miele & Al Sulman, Editorial Associates; Robert Solomon, Consulting Associate; Mike Sekowsky & Joe Giella, Art Associates; Gary Keller, Production Associate.
1 pg contents
  SL-1201 Romance At The Dance!
·Willie starring
8 pg art
  SL-1257 A Break On The Lake!
·Willie starring
9 pg art
  - -

Notes: Ad for Junior Miss.
1 pg house ad
  SL-1093 Pest In The House!
·Margie starring
8 pg art Morris Weiss pencils signed

Richard Humberstone: Creator Credit
  SL-87 Tessie's Trouble 2 pg text
  R-468 Alarm On The Farm!
·Nellie the Nurse starring
8 pg art
  - -

Notes: Ad for Miss America.
1 pg house ad
  SL-1301 Who'll Buy A Jim-Dandy Indian-Nutcracker?
·Willie starring
8 pg art
  1410 Hey Look 1 pg art Harvey Kurtzman script attributed
Harvey Kurtzman pencils attributed

Richard Humberstone: Creator Credit