Captain America Comics 22

Title Published
March 1941 to September 1954
Issue Numbers
1 to 73
Number of Issues
Continued Into
Captain America's Weird Tales
Captain America Comics 22 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
January 1943
Cover Credits
Syd Shores pencils attributed
Title Pages Credits
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Notes: Black and white inside front cover. Lists Stan Lee as Editorial and Art Director and Syd Shores as Associate, includes a drawing of Captain America and Bucky.
1 pg contents
  - The Vault of the Doomed
·Captain America starring
12 pg art
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Notes: Ad for Krazy Komics, Terry-Toons Comics, and Comedy Comics. Signed by Lee.
1 pg house ad
  - Sabotage of the Supply Trains
·The Human Torch starring
7 pg art
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Notes: Ad or Marvel Mystery Comics.
1 pg house ad
  - Captain America Battles The Reaper!(The Man the Law Couldn't Touch!) 15 pg art Al Avison pencils attributed
Al Gabriele inks attributed
  - The Missing Ear 2 pg text
  - Statement of Ownership, Management, Circulation

Notes: Stan Lee as editor, Martin Goodman as Managing Editor, and Abraham Goodman as Business Manager.
- pg art
  - The Cobra Ring of Death
·Captain America starring
18 pg art
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Notes: Ad for Captain America includes art of Captain America, Bucky and the villain the Snapper. Signed Lee King.
1 pg house ad
  - War Bond Vengeance
·The Secret Stamp starring
7 pg art