Chamber of Darkness 2

Title Published
October 1969 to December 1970
Issue Numbers
1 to 8
Number of Issues
Continued Into
Monsters on the Prowl
Issue Information
Cover Date
December 1969
Indicia Frequency
Indicia Publisher
Magazine Management Co., Inc.
Cover Titles
Enter the Red Death!
Cover Credits
John Romita pencils guess
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Title Pages Credits
Forewarned is Four-Armed!
·Headstone P. Gravely starring

Notes: Script : Neal Adams and Roy Thomas.
Inks : Herb Trimpe and Tom Sutton

Reprinted In: Creatures on the Loose 14
7 pg art
The Face of Fear
·Digger starring

Notes: Story by Stan Lee.
7 pg art
The Day of the Red Death!

Notes: Stan Lee stands in for Headstone P. Gravely as narrator.
7 pg art