Creatures on the Loose 16

Title Published
March 1971 to May 1974
Issue Numbers
10 to 29
Number of Issues
Title Notes
Numbering continues to 37 (September 1975) starring Man-Wolf.
Continued From
Tower of Shadows
Issue Information
Cover Date
March 1972
Indicia Frequency
Indicia Publisher
Magazine Management Co., Inc.
Cover Titles
Gullivar Jones --- Warrior of Mars!
Cover Credits
Gil Kane pencils attributed
Bill Everett inks guess
Title Pages Credits
  829Z Warrior of Mars
·Gullivar Jones - Warrior of Mars starring

Notes: Adapted from the novel by Edwin L. Arnold.
10 pg art
  V-629 The Impossible Tunnel!

Reprinted From: Strange Tales 96
6 pg art
  V-706 The Frightened Man!

Reprinted From: Tales to Astonish 33
6 pg art