Crypt of Shadows 21

Title Published
January 1973 to November 1975
Issue Numbers
1 to 21
Number of Issues
Issue Information
Cover Date
November 1975
Issue Notes
Indicia indicates: Published 7 times a year.
Indicia Publisher
Marvel Comics Group
Cover Credits
Ron Wilson pencils guess
Mike Esposito inks attributed
Title Pages Credits
  - Help!

Notes: New splash page drawn (by ?) for reprint - omitting several panels. New background added to panel 1 of page 2 to try and fill in some of the missing information.
Splash incorrectly proclaims "Originally presented in Astonishing Tales #22".

Reprinted From: Tales to Astonish 22
5 pg art
  - Ashes to Ashes!

Reprinted From: Mystery Tales 9
4 pg art
  - Morgan's Magic Picture!

Reprinted From: Uncanny Tales 38
5 pg art
  - The Cry of the Sorcerers!

Notes: Splash incorrectly proclaims "Originally presented in Fantasy #1".

Reprinted From: World of Fantasy 1
4 pg art