Curse of the Weird 2

Title Published
December 1993 to March 1994
Issue Numbers
1 to 4
Number of Issues
Issue Information
Cover Date
January 1994
Indicia Publisher
Marvel Comics
Cover Titles
The Unsolid Man!||Ghost of Grismore||No Sign of Life||The Bat's Tale
Cover Credits
Rick Altergott pencils signed
Title Pages Credits
  T-931 The Ghost of Grismore Castle!

Reprinted From: Strange Tales 79
6 pg art
  - Bat's Tale!

Notes: Originally titled "Terror Tale".

Reprinted From: Marvel Tales 113
3 pg art
  B-349 Innocent Bystander

Reprinted From: Journey Into Mystery 5
5 pg art
  - The Unsolid Man

Reprinted From: World of Fantasy 13
4 pg art
  V-540 No Sign of Life

Reprinted From: Amazing Adult Fantasy 10
3 pg art