Weird Wonder Tales 1

Title Published
December 1973 to May 1977
Issue Numbers
1 to 22
Number of Issues
Issue Information
Cover Date
December 1973
Indicia Publisher
Marvel Comics Group
Cover Titles
The Thing That Devoured A Planet!||The Eye of Doom!||Revolt of the Robots!
Cover Credits
Gil Kane pencils attributed
Frank Giacoia inks guess
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Title Pages Credits
 The Thing that Devoured a Planet! Page 1
The Thing that Devoured a Planet!
6 pg art
 Enter: The Machine Age! Page 1
Enter: The Machine Age!

Reprinted From: Journey Into Mystery 17
5 pg art
It Came From Beneath the Earth!
3 pg art
The Eye of Doom

Reprinted From: Mystic 6
6 pg art