Fantasy Masterpieces 9

Title Published
February 1966 to October 1967
Issue Numbers
1 to 11
Number of Issues
Issue Information
Cover Date
June 1967
Cover Titles
The Origin of the Human Torch!||Monsteroso!||We Search the Stars!||I Don't Believe in Ghosts!
The Human Torch starring
Captain America starring
The Sub-Mariner starring
Cover Credits
Gil Kane pencils attributed
Frank Giacoia inks attributed
Michaël Dewally: Cover Image
Gary Watson: Cover Image
Title Pages Credits
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Notes: Black and white inside front cover with single panels describing the stories within.
1 pg contents
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·The Human Torch starring

Reprinted From: Marvel Comics 1
16 pg art
  - -
·The Sub-Mariner starring

Reprinted From: Marvel Mystery Comics 4
10 pg art
  - Monsteroso!

Reprinted From: Tales to Astonish 18
5 pg art
  - We Search the Stars!

Notes: Reprinted from: Strange Tales 110 (July 1963).
5 pg art
  V-494 I Don't Believe in .... Ghosts!

Reprinted From: Journey Into Mystery 77
6 pg art
  - -
·Captain America starring
·Bucky starring

Reprinted From: Captain America Comics 10
11 pg art