Captain America's Weird Tales 74

Title Published
October 1949 to February 1950
Issue Numbers
74 to 75
Number of Issues
Continued From
Captain America Comics
Continued Into
Captain America (2nd - May 54)
Issue Information
Cover Date
October 1949
Indicia Publisher
Marjean Magazine Corp.
Cover Titles
The Red Skull Strikes Again!
Cover Credits
Martin Nodell pencils guess
Title Pages Credits
  6047 The Red Skull Strikes Again!
·Captain America starring
6 pg art
  5779 The Legend Of...The Frozen Ghost! 6 pg art
  5672 For Gold Alone 2 pg text
  5886 The Thing In The Swamps! 6 pg art Unknown pencils
Chu Hing inks attributed
  - -
·Blaze the Wonder Collie starring

Notes: Photo image #2(1) in B&W
1 pg house ad
  5379 The Tomb Of Terror 6 pg art