Adventures Into Weird Worlds 4

Title Published
January 1952 to June 1954
Issue Numbers
1 to 30
Number of Issues
Adventures Into Weird Worlds 4 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
Spring 1952
Cover Titles
The Village Graveyard!
The Face Of Death!
The Man Who Lost His HEad!
The Passenger!
Cover Credits
Carl Burgos pencils guess
Title Pages Credits
  9827 The Village Graveyard 6 pg art Russ Heath pencils signed
  9846 The Man Who Lost His Head 4 pg art Ogden Whitney pencils attributed
  9686 Doom From the Undead 2 pg text
  9805 The Passenger 4 pg art Martin Rosenthall pencils signed
  9838 The Miser 5 pg art Sol Brodsky pencils attributed
9850 The Face of Death 4 pg art Bill Everett pencils signed

Ger Apeldoorn: Creator Credit