Girl Comics 3

Title Published
October 1949 to January 1952
Issue Numbers
1 to 12
Number of Issues
Continued Into
Girl Confessions
Girl Comics 3 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
April 1950
Indicia Title
Girl Romances
Cover Titles
Once in a Love-Time!
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  7102 I Loved a He-Man! 11 pg art Unknown pencils
Bob Brown inks attributed
  6425 Did I Make a Mistake? 1 pg art Unknown pencils
  7164 Second Fiddle!

Notes: Joe Maneely splash panel.
9 pg art Unknown pencils
  6863 No Right to Love 2 pg text
  7083 Designing Female!

Notes: Mike Sekowsky splash panel inked by Chris Rule. - Doc V.
9 pg art Unknown pencils
Mike Becker inks attributed
  7252 Once in a Love-Time 9 pg art Bill Everett pencils attributed