Complete Comics 2

Title Published
Winter 1944 to Winter 1944
Issue Numbers
2 to 2
Number of Issues
Continued From
Amazing Comics
Issue Information
Cover Date
Winter 1944
Cover Credits
Alex Schomburg pencils attributed
Title Pages Credits
 Mystery of the Frozen Death! Page 1
- Mystery of the Frozen Death!

Notes: Chapters:
Chapter II: The White Monster
Chapter III: The Mist of Death
22 pg art
 Speed Traps Page 1
- Speed Traps
·The Whizzer starring
7 pg art
 Tokio's Toll of Death! Page 1
- Tokio's Toll of Death!
·The Destroyer starring
7 pg art
  - The Case of Smart Money

Notes: With Detective Mike Trapp.

Feature: Let's Play Detective
1 pg art Allen Bellman pencils attributed
  - The Vanishing Enemy 2 pg text
 Death Gas! Page 1
- Death Gas!
·Jap Buster Johnson starring
7 pg art