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Creator Name
Vic Dowling
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Issue Cover Date
  story B-488 Alone With A Ghost 5pg art
pencils unsigned
Suspense 26 January 1953
  story B-708 The Executioner 4pg art
pencils signed
Adventures Into Terror 16 February 1953
  story B-631 He Walked Thru The Wall 5pg art
pencils signed
Strange Tales 15 February 1953
  story B-826 The Man in the Morgue 4pg art
pencils and inks unsigned
Mystery Tales 9 March 1953
story C-82 High As A Kite 4pg art
pencils attributed
Journey Into Mystery 7 April 1953
  story C-349 In the Bag 3pg art
pencils and inks guess
Marvel Tales 115 June 1953
  story C-609 Never Again 4pg art
pencils attributed
Adventures Into Weird Worlds 20 July 1953
  story C-477 The World is Ours 4pg art
pencils and inks attributed
Spellbound 17 September 1953
  story D-906 Aftermath! 3pg art
pencils and inks guess
Uncanny Tales 19 April 1954