Adventures Into Terror 16

Title Published
November 1950 to May 1954
Issue Numbers
43 to 31
Number of Issues
Continued From
Joker Comics
Adventures Into Terror 16 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
February 1953
Sighted Date Stamp
Dec 17
Cover Titles
Her Name is Death!
One Must Die!
Man With A Net!
The Executioner!
Cover Credits
Russ Heath pencils signed
Title Pages Credits
  B-711 The Man With the Net 5 pg art Sy Barry pencils attributed
  B-611 The Tragic Train 2 pg text
  B-694 My Name is Death! 3 pg art Stan Lee script signed
Joe Maneely pencils signed
  B-690 One Must Die!

Reprinted In: Dead of Night 5
6 pg art Ed Winiarski pencils signed
  B-708 The Executioner

Notes: That story has a tiny joke signature at the lower right splash panel.
4 pg art Vic Dowling pencils signed
Bob Stuart inks signed
  B-945 It Can't Be Done 5 pg art Sam Kweskin pencils attributed