Adventures Into Terror 14

Title Published
November 1950 to May 1954
Issue Numbers
43 to 31
Number of Issues
Continued From
Joker Comics
Issue Information
Cover Date
Winter 1952
Cover Notes
woman's face shape is possibly Chris Rule but face inks are ?
Cover Titles
The Hands!
They're Driving Me Crazy!
The Little People!
Cover Credits
Unknown pencils
Swipe for more
Title Pages Credits
The Little People

Notes: Elements in common with Tod Browning's Freaks (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1932): circus midgets get revenge on tormenter through bizarre transformation.

Reprinted In: Beware 6
6 pg art Stan Lee script signed
Tony DiPreta pencils signed

Tom Lammers: Story Information
The Hands
5 pg art Gene Colan pencils signed
The Three Doors
2 pg text

Reprinted In: Beware 6
5 pg art George Tuska pencils attributed
Unknown inks
They're Driving Me Crazy

Notes: This is a really good story and could have been developed into a novel or at least a story for The Twilight Zone. A scientist invents a way to create life... and gets removed from everyones mind by The Rulers, those who have st up the earth as an experiment and remove everyone who invents stuff that would benifit mankind too much. "Now I know why mankind fights and kills each other in disastrous wars... why advancements are so long in being realized!" Yeah, right. If it was ever turned into a novel I guess the protagonist would learn that the Rulers in fact protect mankind from even bigger mistakes, such as inventing life out of nothing and time travel. After which he decides to kill them anyway, because we should learn for ourselves.
As we do here. - Ger A.
7 pg art Dick Ayers pencils signed
Ernie Bache inks attributed