Adventures Into Terror 5

Title Published
November 1950 to May 1954
Issue Numbers
43 to 31
Number of Issues
Continued From
Joker Comics
Issue Information
Cover Date
August 1951
Indicia Frequency
Indicia Publisher
Current Detective Stories, Inc.
Cover Titles
Find Me!
The Eye Of Doom!
The Man Who Was Death!
Cover Credits
Carl Burgos pencils guess
Title Pages Credits
8286 The Man Who Was Death Page 1
8286 The Man Who Was Death 6 pg art Russ Heath pencils signed
8507 Find Me!  Find Me!  Find Me! Page 1
8507 Find Me! Find Me! Find Me! 3 pg art Don Rico pencils signed
  8351 Black Vengeance

Notes: the 2 Gene Colan text illos are panels from #8183 "The Jaws of Creeping Death" from MYSTIC #3, July/51.
2 pg text Gene Colan pencils attributed
5808 The Clock Strikes! Page 1
5808 The Clock Strikes! 4 pg art Gene Colan pencils signed
8363 The Hitchhiker Page 1
8363 The Hitchhiker 4 pg art Unknown pencils
8428 The Hand Page 1
8428 The Hand 6 pg art Paul Reinman pencils attributed