Adventures Into Terror 12

Title Published
November 1950 to May 1954
Issue Numbers
43 to 31
Number of Issues
Continued From
Joker Comics
Adventures Into Terror 12 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
October 1952
Cover Titles
13th Floor! All Out!
The Man Who Cried Ghost!
Horror In The Graveyard!
The Hangman's Noose!
Cover Credits
Sol Brodsky pencils attributed
Title Pages Credits
  A-820 Horror in the Graveyard

Reprinted In: Crypt of Shadows 11
5 pg art Bernie Krigstein pencils attributed
  A-787 The End 2 pg text
  A-825 The Hangman's Noose 5 pg art Ed Winiarski pencils signed
  A-706 The Little Pests 4 pg art Manny Stallman pencils attributed
  A-752 The 13th Floor

Reprinted In: Dead of Night 5
5 pg art Paul S Newman script attributed
Dick Ayers pencils attributed
  A-897 The Man Who Cried Ghost 4 pg art Ed Robbins pencils attributed