Adventures Into Terror 17

Title Published
November 1950 to May 1954
Issue Numbers
43 to 31
Number of Issues
Continued From
Joker Comics
Issue Information
Cover Date
March 1953
Cover Notes
Cover boxes likely Burgos.

A few yrs before dad's passing, he reproduced this cover for someone for a fee - Jean (Kweskin) Siegel.
Indicia Publisher
Current Detective Stories, Inc.
Cover Titles
I Die Too Often!
The Vandals!
Caspar's Boss!
Cover Credits
Sam Kweskin pencils signed
Jean ( Kweskin ) Siegel: Cover Creator Credit
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Title Pages Credits
I Die Too Often

Notes: Stark electric chair story, art reminds me of Maneely in places.

Reprinted In: Crypt of Shadows 5
5 pg art Carl Wessler script attributed
Gil Kane pencils attributed
The Vandals!

Notes: Scripted by Carl Wessler on 9/29/52.
5 pg art Carl Wessler script attributed
Joe Sinnott pencils attributed
The Windows

Notes: Statement of ownership at end of story.

Statement of ownership, Adventures Into Terror #17, Current Detective Stories, Mar-53
Editor: Stan Lee; Managing editor: Martin Goodman; Business manager: Monroe Froehlich, Jr
Owners: Current Detective Stories; Martin Goodman; Jerome A. Perles; Morris Siegel
Notary public: Tess Harwood, signed 8th Sep-52
2 pg text
Casper's Boss!
5 pg art Ken Landau pencils signed
They Don't Complain

Notes: Grim hospital yarn, similar tone to previous story.
3 pg art Sam Kweskin pencils signed
Red As A Lobster

Notes: Title runs vertically aside the splash, lots of green in this aquatic adventure. Contrasted by lobster red in splash & closing panels.

Reprinted In: Crypt of Shadows 5
5 pg art Jim Mooney pencils signed