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Bob Stuart
Bob Stuart was a Timely staff inker who bounced around and inked a lot for DC in the 1950's. Gene Colan remembered him at Timely the last time we talked. I also have him inking a one page John Buscema feature from a Ziff Davis title that I can't rem
Issue Cover Date
  story 3684 The Curse Of The Ketcham Clan! 7pg art
inks guess
Tex Taylor 2 November 1948
  story B-488 Alone With A Ghost 5pg art
inks attributed
Suspense 26 January 1953
  story B-708 The Executioner 4pg art
inks signed
Adventures Into Terror 16 February 1953
  story B-631 He Walked Thru The Wall 5pg art
inks signed
Strange Tales 15 February 1953
  story C-858 The Man from Tomorrow 5pg art
inks attributed
Strange Tales 21 August 1953