Hedy of Hollywood Comics 36

Title Published
February 1950 to September 1952
Issue Numbers
36 to 50
Number of Issues
Continued From
Hedy De Vine Comics
Issue Information
Cover Date
February 1950
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  6708 She Adored Her Award!
·Hedy De Vine starring
7 pg art
  5861 -
·Hank starring
·Lank starring
1 pg art
  6692 Hedy Makes the Headlines!
·Hedy De Vine starring
8 pg art
  6606 I Wake Up Dreaming 2 pg text
  6707 Treating Her to Tennis!
·Millie the Model starring
6 pg art Dan DeCarlo pencils signed
  7082 Hedy Gets Her Man!
·Hedy De Vine starring
4 pg art
  4636 Tessie's Tax Troubles!
·Tessie the Typist starring
7 pg art
  5710 Her Big Steal!
·Hedy De Vine starring
6 pg art