Hedy of Hollywood Comics 39

Title Published
February 1950 to September 1952
Issue Numbers
36 to 50
Number of Issues
Continued From
Hedy De Vine Comics
Hedy of Hollywood Comics 39 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
October 1950
Cover Credits
Dan DeCarlo pencils attributed
Title Pages Credits
  3376 Hedy's Boomerang Vacation!
·Hedy of Hollywood starring

Notes: I had to look twice to believe what I was seeing. In 3376 "Hedy's Boomerang Vacation!" in Hedy of Hollywood #39 (Oct 1950), Joan Brandon, editor of "Star Parade" magazine says about actress Hedy De Vine: "Devotion to her pubic is touching!" That's right. The letterer left the "L" out of "public." Dr. Wertham was right!! - Tom Lammers
6 pg art
  3673 The Faked-up Make-up!
·Hedy of Hollywood starring
4 pg art
  6153 -
·Frankie Fuddle starring
1 pg art
  - -
·Frankie Fuddle starring
1 pg art
  3279 Service with a Smile!
·Jeanie starring
5 pg art
  4471 Movie Star's Double 2 pg text
  3603 Hollywood, I Love You!
·Hedy of Hollywood starring
6 pg art